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MSCT Quality Criteria 2004
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General Introduction

Introduction to MSCT

Technical Principles

Clinical Principles

Performance Parameters

Paediatric Parameters

Quality Criteria

Quality Criteria for Paediatrics

Appendix A: Dosimetry

Appendix B: Field Survey - please contact HPA/PHE

Appendix C: Patient Dose in CT - contact HPA/PHE


Please refer to the quality criteria as:

G. Bongartz, S.J. Golding, A.G. Jurik, M. Leonardi, E. van Persijn van Meerten, R. Rodríguez, K. Schneider, A. Calzado, J. Geleijns, K.A. Jessen, W. Panzer, P. C. Shrimpton, G. Tosi

European Guidelines for Multislice Computed Tomography

Funded by the European Commission

Contract number FIGM-CT2000-20078-CT-TIP

March 2004

Available from: http://www.drs.dk/guidelines/ct/quality/index.htm


Last modified 24th February 2014

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