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Safety and Efficacy of CT 2008
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Final Activity Report

Recommendations for MSCT referral

Please refer to the research and training programme report as:

Jacob (Koos) Geleijns, Willi Kalender, Wendy Krispijn, K. Schneider, P. Shrimpton

Safety and Efficacy of Computed Tomography: A broad perspective (CT Safety and Efficacy)

Contract FI6R-CT2004-002388


Project coordinator:
Jacob (Koos) Geleijns, Leiden University Medical Centre (NL)

Project partners:
Georg Bongartz, University Hospital Basel (CH)
Alfonso Calzado Cantera, Complutense University (ES)
John Damilakis, University of Crete (EL)
Stephen Golding, University of Oxford (UK)
Anne Grethe Jurik, Århus University Hospital (DK)
Willi Kalender, Institut für Medizinische Physik (DE)
Karl Schneider, Dr. von Haunersches Kinderspital (DE)
Paul Shrimpton, Health Protection Agency (UK)
Maria Zankl, GSF (DE)

April 2008

Available from: ftp://ftp.cordis.europa.eu/pub/fp6-euratom/docs/ct_safety_efficacy_projrep_en.pdf


Third set of recommendations on diagnostic strategies involving CT for abdominal sepsis:

Sepsis in the abdomen sometimes involves several peritoneal channels and initial diagnostic studies need to be comprehensive. Therefore we recommend:

  • Patients presenting for initial diagnosis, or examination for failed response to treatment, should receive CT of the entire peritoneal cavity.
  • Follow-up CT should preferably be avoided if patients have responded clinically to treatment.
  • Low-dose and region-specific scans should be used for the specific indications of catheter removal and confirmation that the collection has resolved fully, if required clinically.
  • Emphasis should be placed on minimizing radiation exposure and using ultrasound when appropriate for follow-up scans

Taken from: Meeson S, Alvey CM, Golding SJ. Justifying multidetector CT in abdominal sepsis: time for review? Br. J. Radiol. 2009;82:190-197. Epub 2008 Oct 27


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