Electrical Impedance Tomography

EIT data noise evaluation in the clinical environment

 S Meeson, BH Blott and ALT Killingback

Department of Physics, University of Southampton, Southampton, SO17 1BJ. UK.

In the clinical environment the reliable interpretation of EIT images depends on the quality of the data. In the electrically noisy hospital environment the system performance needs to be assessed for each clinical investigation. From the model of noise presented, a figure of merit for comparisons of system performance with a known standard, or with previous studies, can be generated. The method depends on calculating the variances of the differences in reciprocity measurements as a function of the distance between the current drive electrodes and the receive voltage electrodes. These measurements fit the noise model, with minimal interference from physiological variability, and permit a figure of merit to be calculated which is a representation of the noise at the input to the system. Typical figures of merit are (7.36 ▒ 0.03) ÁV for a test card and (10.50 ▒ 0.16) ÁV for subject data.

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