Electrical Impedance Tomography



The above image was generated from data recorded in the Intensive Care Unit of Southampton General Hospital. The data was recorded from a child who had received a blow to the chest in a car accident. The image shows the change in resistivity in the lungs associated with the increase in lung volume from residual volume to total inspiration. The orientation of the image is anterior at the top of the image and the left side of the patient on the right of the image.

 A clear image of a healthy lung is seen on the right hand side of the image, with the left lung filled with more resistive air. However there is clearly a problem with the right lung and this was confirmed by X-rays that were taken at the same time. The small increase in resistivity (red image) on the left hand side of the image is thought to be due to a volume of fluid that was being compressed by a ventilator breathing for the child. This image clearly shows the sort of image that can be expected from healthy subjects, as well as how ventilation disorders can be investigated and monitored using EIT.

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